"...there, in a dress-form-filled-space that would make Marie Antoinette proud..." 


                                                                               -Daily Candy, 2013  




Petit Atelier is the brainchild of local Fashion Designers, Mario  Gallegos and Michael Crigger.

Mario Alberto Gallegos, Jr

Mario studied Fashion Design at El Centro in Dallas, TX.  He has been featured in "D" Magazine as one of Dallas' Top 5 Up & Coming New Designers.  He is very active in the Dallas fashion culture, as well as the nationwide fashion scene.  He recently returned from debuting his S/S 2014 collection at the Helen Mills Event Space during New York Fashion Week.  He is a master cutter and pattern draper, and it is clearly visible in his body of work.

Michael Wysong Crigger

Michael studied Fashion Design at the University of North Texas, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in May, 2011.  He is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at UNT.  During his undergraduate career, Michael studied Haute Couture sewing techniques in Paris, France.  He has been recognized in several design competitions, and finds his passion in tailoring and construction.


"For us, Petit Atelier is about bringing back some of the charm of the original ateliers of Paris, before all the big couture houses came into play.  That, teaching people about fashion, and passing on what we've learned thus far."

Michael Crigger & Mario Gallegos, July, 2013

Petit Atelier was featured on Daily Candy on October 22, 2013!  Check out the article here:



Petit Atelier offers an array of tools and equipment for the novice and professional sewer alike.  It features 4 industrial JUKI straight-stitch machines, an industrial JUKI serger, an industrial blind hemming machine, several home sewing machines and sergers, as well as an embroidery machine.   The studio also has a large, self healing cutting table and industrial dress forms in every size.  

It’s a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead center of a target you didn’t even know you were aiming for.
— Lois McMaster Bujold